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Fellowship Story Showcase

Explore our 1958 stories.

As part of the Center for Health Journalism Fellowship, journalists work with a senior fellow to develop a special project. Recent projects have examined health disparities by ZIP code in the San Francisco Bay Area, anxiety disorders and depression in the Hispanic immigrant community in Washington state, and the importance of foreign-born doctors to health care in rural communities.

Transmission: A pandemic meets a homelessness crisis
This story was produced as part of a larger project led by Will James, a participant in the 2019 National Fellowship....
Outsiders Episode 7: It's the Water
Does something about Olympia attract desperate people from all over? We examine the “magnet theory” of homelessness.
Thursday's Farmworker Housing Study Forum looked to develop an action plan moving forward.
This story was produced as a project for the 2020 Impact Fund....
Luis, not his real name, cuts wood to repair a section of flooring in his Mt. Pleasant, Iowa home on Monday, February 3, 2020.
The raid at MPC enterprises is part of a trend of increasing worksite raids, according to a Midwest Center analysis of federal data and interviews with immigration officials.
John Templeton, widely known as the authority on San Francisco black history, prepares to board a Red and White Fleet boat in Fe
The series has received support from the Fund for Journalism on Child Well-Being, a program of USC's Center for Health Journalism....
Inside Outsiders
The Outsiders podcasting team holds a live event to explain how they made the series on homlessness and what they learned.
A new metric aims to be a more accurate tool for detecting missed meals and fighting hunger throughout Florida.
Karolynn Tom, who works with Jessica Black at Heritage University, is teaching students how to set up air quality monitors.
On the Yakama Reservation in eastern Washington, one group of students is trying to solve the problem of asthma by attacking its roots.
Episode 6: The Bridge
Homelessness divides Olympia and forces people to re-examine their politics. Emotions converge on an encampment under the Fourth Avenue Bridge.
Ron Scearce, a former member of the Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services board
Ron Scearce was the newest member of the Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services board when he strolled through the office handing out business cards in August 2017.



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